Two years ago, I would never have imagined that I would be in the position I am today. I was always confronted with the question, ‘Would I have a future?’ To start off, I had a surgery in 2008 to remove a 7 cm cyst which had placed itself in my 3 cm right ovary, nearly impairing my chances of having a baby. Post the surgery, I was relieved that God had saved my ovary. However in 2011, I was again diagnosed with another cyst. But God who was faithful once, is faithful always. I overcame this situation too.

When it was time for my marriage, many people started poisoning my mind with thoughts that since I was only a graduate, I would never get married. They said that in a time when people looked for money, marriage could be a task. As a result, I had made up my mind to live the life of a missionary, not knowing that God had a man of God in mind for me. That’s when God brought my husband into the picture. In the next few months, not only was I happily married but by God’s grace and unfailing power, I had conceived in just 2 months after my marriage. My father, who happens to be a doctor by profession, was taken aback by this miracle God has performed in his daughter’s life.

But looks like God had more surprises for me. As time drew near to deliver my baby, I had mixed emotions of how it would be. People have always spoken about how painful deliveries can get, but after reading a book named, ‘Supernatural Childbirth’ written by Jackie Mize, I had thoughts of if a painless delivery could be possible in my case too. At that time, God placed many people in my life to speak and encourage me with the truth from the Bible. One week prior to my delivery, Pastor Naomi had given me a word, Exodus 1:19, to believe for painless delivery. God was faithful to this Word that I had believed.

Despite the long 11 hrs birthing process, I can boldly testify that I only felt pressure throughout the normal delivery. Not once did I experience pain that so many people talk of. The umbilical cord was wound around my son’s neck twice, which would commonly lead to a C-section in all other cases. But in my case, once my baby was born, the cord was simply unwound. During the whole process, 5 different doctors came to witness the miracle of painless delivery. The head of the Gynaecology department of Vijaya Hospital (Chennai), Dr. Mala also stated, “It’s a blessing that she’s progressing without any pain.” The Lord was true to His word and I stand as a testimony to all expectant mothers that you too can have a supernatural, painless delivery, if you can believe in God’s word! Today, I am convinced that I have a brighter future in Christ.
All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose! Things that are impossible with man are possible with God! Hallelujah!

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