“I had visited the City of the Lord church a few times on the invitation of my friend, Sunitha. During my first visit, Prophet Naveen called me on the stage and prayed for me after knowing that I had lost my womb in a medical operation. After a few months, I noticed an unusual feeling in my abdomen, so I visited a doctor to see what the reason was. The doctor checked me told me that nothing was wrong. After a few days, I had a similar uneasy feeling, so I visited the doctor again, secretly hoping for a miracle. When the doctor again told me that nothing was wrong, I started wondering and returned home confused. For a third time, I went to the hospital and this time I told the doctor that I thought I was pregnant. The doctor couldn’t believe me because she was aware of my situation, but she still conducted all the checks and finally confirmed that I was 5 months pregnant.
All glory be to Jesus! He has turned my mourning into dancing! He gave me the privilege to be a mother without a womb! The doctors confirmed that I had no womb, but a baby was conceived in me! The doctors were puzzled, but I know that only Jesus could have done this for me! I want to thank Sis. Sunitha and Sis. Hanna too for continuous intercession for me! Hallelujah!”

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